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Working behind the scenes to help you SHINE”-LAMSComm Virtual Assistant Services(click to tweet)

I am a Virtual Assistant.

My elevator speech: “I provide content management, blogging, and social media services for businesses, companies, organizations, or busy executives. I work behind the scenes to help you SHINE.”

As a former sales professional with a 30-year background in retail sales (office products) I decided in June of 2011 it was time for a change. Life is an adventure and I was ready for a new one.

Over the years as social media grew and picked up steam, I became fascinated with it and worked tirelessly to learn all that I could about Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more recently, Pinterest. At that time I had already been consistently blogging for 4 years and had a very successful blog called Franticmommy. The on-line world was where I wanted to be.

Now several years later, I proudly an independent contractor, freelancer and Virtual Assistant. My clients are diverse and I love the challenge of learning something new. Tasks I complete daily for my clients include content and blog management, moderate community forums, optimize social media sites, create e-newsletters, write training modules, create shareable images, basically then keep all their plates spinning successfully.

Why Are Virtual Assistants a Benefit To Business Owners?: Business owners can hire VAs  for single task, or lengthy campaign without the overhead or headache of hiring new staff internally. These VAs work remotely and free up their client from the burdens that go along with in-house employees. Virtual Assistants act as independent contractors who work closely with a client and their brand.

By hiring me as your Virtual Assistant, you will….

Virtual Assistant Services

Other Skillsets From Rebecca at LAMS Communications:

  • Freelance writing with experience in article writing for magazines and newsletters
  • Assistance in connecting the dots on all social media in an optimized and strategic way
  • Editing/Proofreading/Copywriting
  • Creation of Tweets, Facebook updates, and blog posts based on your marketing information, pdfs, or company bios
  • Knowledge of WordPress and Blogger
  • Knowledge of the Real Estate industry
  • Knowledge of aWeber
  • Knowledge of Hootsuite and Buffer
  • Knowledge of working with PLR
  • Content creation and management
  • Social Media expertise in Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In, Google+ and Pinterest
  • Creation of striking and shareable images for social media channels.
  • Knowledge of Instabuilder
  • Basic marketing skills and knowledge
  • 30 year background in retail sales
  • Familiarity with Google products
  • Reliability: I respect deadlines and get the work done
  • Creativity: Being a creative person myself, I feel I am at my best when helping creative entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams

LAMS Communications Services:

  • Blog and content writing
  • Editing/Proofreading/Copywriting
  • Social Media for Authors
  • Speaking and Training on social media topics.
  • Knowledge of Sales
  • Knowledge of The Office Products Industry.
  • Image creation for social media (PicMonkey)
  • Research on specific tops, statistics, links or other information on the Internet.

***Don’t see a skill or service you need? Just ASK.

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The $99 Social Media Review.


Social Media is/can be complicated. So many platforms. So many changes. So many details to know.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes recognize the necessity of being visible and active on social media, but they are also baffled by the complexities and are pressed for time. If only they had a roadmap. A in-simple-terms guidebook on what platforms are best for their business, how to engage their followers, and grow their readership. As a trained virtual assistant in the field of writing, blogging, and social media, it’s my job to stay on top of changing rules and growing trends. I spend an average of 5 hours a week reading industry information and taking training courses. All so I can be a better virtual assistant and more effective for my clients.

I can help take the guesswork out by creating a customized “roadmap” for you business’ social media strategy. Some call it a “work plan,” I call it your guidebook on easy-to-follow changes your business can make that will help optimize your social media efforts.


Yes, I need a $99 Social Media Review!

 **NOTE: This price does not include implementation of the recommended changes. The $99 price reflects, research, review, consulting and coaching only.

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Lisa Van Ahn, owner of I Am Initiative and LVA Fitness

Lisa van Ahn

Becky has been an absolute joy to work with. I love her sense of humor and friendly engagement. My favorite thing is when we connect about a new project she gets it done in uber speed and always so brilliantly. What started out as a one-time copywritng assignment has turned into multiple projects and also a feeling of, “I’ll be working with Becky until the end of time”. My needs have been varied and my copy often needs different kinds of voices. I’ve been so impressed and excited that Becky has been able to fill the copywriting needs for each voice I offer. I love working with her. She’s spectacular and awesome.”
Shannon Janco, Independent Consultant, Tastefully Simple (business partner)

“I have had the opportunity to work with Becky in various capacities both as a client as a partner and through my personal business. Becky is extremely organized and thorough. She is one of the most resourceful people I know. She is great at finding ways to get things done without spending a ton of money. She is very well connected in the social media world as well as in the business community. She’s tenacious when it comes to task completion and gives 120% on the work she does. I’m sure some day I will read about her business success as she takes in her first million.”

Kelli Mankowski, Owner/President, Party World

“Becky is a fun, innovative, WEALTH of information. She saw a need in our community and then went about creating a niche, not only for herself to fill that need, but also for all the area “Moms”! It was (and is) a perfect example of the “American Dream” – working hard to become a successful entrepreneur while helping others at the same time! I’d recommend Becky to anyone (and continue to use her services myself!)”

I look forward to working with you!


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